Our knowledge and expertise is evident in our results. We educate ourselves about your facility, and provide every possible opportunity for maximum recovery of your receivables. With Caid Solutions, you have the peace of mind of working with a trusted and credible organization that specializes in Out-of-State Medicaid Receivables.

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Caid Solutions solves the Out-of-State Medicaid puzzle for you. We specialize in billing and collection of Out-of-State Medicaid Receivables for all 50 states. This is our focus everyday, every account, every dollar.

Caid Solutions knows your time is valuable and so are your receivables.

Caid Solutions' expertise and in-depth knowledge of Medicaid regulations across all States, ensures accurate and timely billing and payment of our claims resulting in improved cash flow to the Institution. As a result of their reasonable and competitive fees, the increased cash flow is realized at a cost which is lower than if our in house staff handled the claims.

Juan Seijido
Associate Director
Patient Accounts